THE OZOLS COLLECTION: A Museum of American Painting and Pedagogy


Phase One:

+ Create a Climate controlled stable environment to move all artwork into.

+ Documentation, preservation, and archiving of works on paper, lecture notes, demonstrations.

+ Conservation of climate damaged artwork by mold, water, and improper storage.

+ Construction of painting racks, flat files for artwork storage, bookshelves for the collection of art books.

Phase Two:

Secure funds for a permanent location to house the collection that includes an exhibition space for a teaching collection, a gallery with revolving exhibits related to the history of our mission, a visual arts library as well as an archive for use by other artists, educators, and researchers.

This permanent collection will be used for study by our sister institution, the Institute for Fine Arts Practice, Research, and Preservation. Please visit the website

If you are interested in making a donation to help save this important body of work please contact us.