Mission Statement Ozols Collection: Museum of American Painting and Pedagogy

The Ozols Collection was formed in order to preserve, archive, and maintain the life’s work of Auseklis Ozols. His paintings, drawings, demonstrations, lecture notes, carvings, cartoons, correspondence, and personal collections are hurriedly being moved out of his workspace of 40 years. Currently in boxes, the life’s work of this important American artist needs immediate attention and care.

Ozols’ life’s work offers specific and clear documentation on processes of classical and realist painting. Moving from theory to basic drawing, painting and sculpture toward studies in color and form as well as  70 plus years of original research; exercises in figure drawing and anatomy, flesh tones, plein air landscape, still life and portrait ,Ozols’ catalogue raisonne reads as a document for entry to and understanding of forgotten techniques. These artifacts are original documents demonstrating processes few are able to master let alone lecture or write on. This body of work and collection offers our community a permanent teaching resource and guide to understanding, appreciating, and engaging with classical and realist artwork. A resource such as this does not yet exist and offers an original and irreplaceable archive containing both teaching notes and accompanying finished artwork. 

The Ozols Collection and Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, research, practice, and education of realist and classical painting techniques. Ozols’ life’s work offers a unique window into ancient technique as it intersects with the 20th century and beyond.  

Resources are needed for establishing a stable, climate-controlled environment for the archiving, documentation, and preservation of his work. The collection artifacts offer insight into endangered techniques mastered by Ozols as well as their relationship with historic Realist painting technique.  These components play a significant role in the artistic identity of America, as well as the visual arts community of New Orleans where Ozols has lived and worked for over 50 years.

Please consider contributing to our cause to help with preserving Ozols’ vision, dedication, and selfless giving of his talent to all he encounters.

The collection will facilitate educational programming and exhibits related to American Realism, the history of Classicism, as well as the visual arts in New Orleans.

Auseklis Ozols is the Founder and Director Emeritus of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. Ozols Founded the Academy in 1978, based on the model of the earliest American Museum,  the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He has worked and taught in New Orleans for over 50 years. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Temple University. His work is represented in public and private collections internationally.

 In New Orleans, Ozols has received the Delgado Award from the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Strength in Age Award, and the Community Arts Award from the Arts Council of New Orleans. He is a highly sought after portraitist, still life and landscape painter, with portraits and murals throughout the south including the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge. He is also the author of 3 Rex Proclomations, and has paintings in the permanent collections of the New Orleans Museum of Art, the New Jersey State Museum, and the Latvian Museum of Art in Riga, Latvia where he was born. Ozols is inspired by the beauty that surrounds him, and continues to paint the colorful flora and majestic live oaks of Louisiana with unmatched technique, flair and enthusiasm.

Sincerely, Saskia Ozols