Self Portrait, Auseklis Ozols. 2003. Oil on Linen

Mission Statement Ozols Collection: Museum of American Painting and Pedagogy

The Ozols Collection is an organization dedicated to preservation, research, practice, and education in historical painting techniques. It is a federally recognized non profit 501(c)(3) organization.  

At the collection we simultaneously look to history and the future with the understanding that one can not exist without the other. Our unique and irreplaceable archive is foremost a teaching collection which documents the pedagogy of painting while inviting scholarship on the diverse language, practice, and history of visual literacy. 

Preservation, conservation, and maintenance of Auseklis Ozols’ life’s work is our immediate task; his paintings, drawings, demonstrations, lecture notes, carvings, cartoons, correspondence, and personal collections are in desperate need of care and conservation. These archives include artwork and notes on classes and lectures he developed for color theory, drawing, painting, sculpture, figure drawing, anatomy, portrait painting, plein air landscape, still life and more. Ozols’ life’s work offers a unique window into techniques as they intersect with broader culture and contemporary expression; providing a valuable resource for future generations.

The collection will facilitate educational programming, exhibitions and activities for cultural enrichment of the community as well as opportunities for research and scholarship. The visual arts are a vital force within the cultural development and historical documentation of any given society. Through preservation and education efforts we strive to offer opportunities for community empowerment and growth through the promotion of visual literacy and hands on practice. 

 Our mission in visual arts practice and preservation spans 5 decades in New Orleans. All donations go directly toward archivally sound storage of damaged artwork, collections management, and the creation of an exhibition space to share this unique artistic legacy with the public. Created by Auseklis Ozols in 1978, our mission will live on with your help.


Phase One:

+ Create a Climate controlled stable environment to move all artwork into.

+ Documentation, preservation, and archiving of works on paper, lecture notes, demonstrations.

+Creation of a catalogue raisonné 

+ Conservation of climate damaged artwork by mold, water, and improper storage.

+ Construction of painting racks, flat files for artwork storage, bookshelves for the collection of art books.

Phase Two:

Create a permanent location to house the collection that includes an exhibition space for a teaching collection, a gallery with revolving exhibits related to the history of our mission, a visual arts library as well as an archive for use by other artists, educators, and researchers.