Labour Day from the Ozols Collection: Labourer at the Conschocken Quarry by Walter Stuemphig, American Realist, 1964

Labourer at the Conschohocken Quarry, Walter Stuemphig, 1964. Etching. Printed by A. Ozols

The Ozols Collection celebrates this Labour Day with a rare etching by Walter Stuemphig, famed American Realist painter in the Philadelphia tradition of Thomas Eakins; and infamous instructor at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

This Etching was printed by Auseklis Ozols, then Stuemphig’s star student and protoge. A handwritten account of the experience follows in Ozols’ own handwriting.

The image depicts a quarry and train trestle in Conschohocken, PA where Stuemphig and his students often painted.

Transcription of Ozols’ handwritten note:

“The only etching by Walter Stuemphig. One day about two years before he died, I brought him a small copper plate with a soft ground on it. He drew with a needle I gave him-a drawing from memory of an old abandoned railroad trestle that he had painted many times before. I believe it was in Conchooken, Pa. Then I etched it and made a few prints. I don’t remember how many, maybe five.” (Auseklis Ozols)

Handwritten account by Auseklis Ozols regarding Walter Stuemphig’s rare Etching, The Conshohocken Quarry, 1964.

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