New Class Announcement/Spring 2024: Sacred Geometry, Aesthetics, and the Art of Expression (Auseklis Ozols)

Please join us for this one day lecture class given by Auseklis Ozols.

January 19th, 2024. 10am-12 pm.

Class Registration: $50.

For reservations and payment please email

* Pre-registration is necessary. Space will be limited. Gated entry with guest list.

An introduction to the “Divina Proportione”, as it was called by Leonardo Da Vinci’s friend, Luca Pacioli. We know it as the “Golden Section”. This proportion found in nature has been much studied and loved by philosophers and artists throughout the ages. (Auseklis Ozols)

This class explores the meaning and symbolism within the golden proportion. Used in compositional structure & visual communication throughout history, this important study presents the artist with explorations between growth patterns in nature, visual literacy, and connection to our environment.

AO draws, demonstrates, and narrates simultaneously. He creates a complete rendering of the process live with a compass and a ruler. Investigation and analysis of use in artist’s compositions, architecture and sculpture will also be presented. A period for question and answer will follow.

Self Portrait by Auseklis Ozols, Oil on Linen, Private Collection

Auseklis Ozols, Self Portrait. Oil on Linen, Private Collection

AO Preparing for a previous Lecture

Excerpt drawing from Golden Section Lecture, Auseklis Ozols

Auseklis Ozols. Disciples, Oil on Linen. Private Collection

Auseklis Ozols. Apotheosis. Oil on Linen. Private Collection

AO setting up to draw in the Old Oak Grove of City Park

Auseklis Ozols, Gran-Pere. Oil on Linen.