New Seminar Announcement: New Orleans Museums, Art Collections, and Artists, lead by Saskia Ozols

Auseklis Ozols touching up a painting before an exhibition. Photo by Indra Ozols, 2020

New Orleans Museums, Art Collections and Artists. Instructor: Saskia Ozols

One week seminar May 15th-19th 10 am-12 pm each day. email with inquiries, more details coming soon ! 

The seminar explores the contributions, impact, and diversity of the visual arts within the city of New Orleans.  Few cities have played as significant a role in the history of American culture as New Orleans, which has long been home to one of the nation’s most diverse cultural communities. The subject matter of this course will revolve around a series of institutions/collections/working artist’s studios, active local ateliers and vary based on the season.

Participants will acquire an understanding of creative arts and their function in society through on site research and direct experience. The basic vocabulary of art will be introduced and specifically tailored to develop an understanding of aesthetic analysis. Daily group discussions will expand the ability to think critically about the arts and explore connections between the creative arts and other disciplines.

 Topics such as influences, institutions, collections, the artists that made an impact on the culture of New Orleans; and provenance related to specific works of art will be investigated. On site exploration accompanied by the discussion and the response it inspires will lead the group to a greater familiarity with and appreciation of the visual arts community and its history in New Orleans.

About the Instructor:  Saskia’s work and research focus on intersections of classical technique with contemporary ideologies and explorations.  She is the founding curator of the newly formed non-profit Ozols Collection: A Museum of American Painting and Pedagogy whose mission highlights the advancement of Fine Arts as a vital learning tool; promoting intercultural discourse with a foundation in classical techniques and conversations.

Saskia has taught at Boston University, Tulane University, and Loyola University New Orleans.  She is also a working artist with a 20 year exhibition record in regional, national, and international venues. She has exhibited in cities including New Orleans, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, Russia. She holds an MFA from the historic Museum School of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and trained with painters including Sidney Goodman, Bo Bartlett, Vincent Desiderio, Nelson Shanks, and Auseklis Ozols. For more information on Saskia please visit


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