Drawing the Antique at NOMA, Summer Seminar with Saskia Ozols

Sketching Rodin at the New Orleans Museum of Art

Course Description: 

*This session studies will address the differences, overlaps and intersections of realist, classical, and neo-classical rendering techniques. Working on site at the museum, we will draw from direct observation in front of masterworks utilizing technique and discussing theory from the time in which each artist worked.  

This on-site museum workshop builds on an existing familiarity with sketching and rendering and is ideal for igniting inspiration for artists of all levels and backgrounds. The group will be guided through drawing exercises in direct observation of original works at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The session is based on the traditional method of cast drawing or drawing the antique figure. A vital part of artistic training dating back to the earliest Roman Academies, this process occupies an important step between the drawing of inanimate objects and serious study of the human figure. Tools and techniques incorporated include looking for relative proportional ratios, anatomy, gesture, value, and distance rendering through a combination of atmospheric and linear perspective. Proportion and gesture of the human body are also introduced. 

June 6th-9,th 2023, 10 am-12 pm

Please contact saskia@ozolscollection.org for reservations and/or questions. More details coming soon.

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