Happy Father’s Day from The Ozols Collection !

Self Portrait (Head Study) by Auseklis Ozols. Oil on Canvas. Private Collection

Happy Father’s Day from the Ozols Collection ! We are taking this day to honor the artist Auseklis Ozols, President of the Ozols Collection as well as Father and Founder of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

With the greatest gratitude for all that this father of the arts has created, shared, given, and taught to our community over the past five decades we offer our deepest and most heartfelt thanks.

We have listened and learned about history, about truth, beauty, the relationships of past and present, the importance of vision, of structure, proportion, relationships, observation, and perception. We have been inspired by the unique manner, means, and methods of historical painting techniques passed down from teacher to student for centuries and then translated and demonstrated for all of us.

Thank you AO for a unique vision and legacy of teaching, of sharing sacred ideologies, of patience and of giving. Thank you for your selflessness and for offering your wisdom and experience with every student invited toward the threshold of your vision.

Following are a selection of portraits of A. O. in celebration of his work as a visionary artist, teacher, and influence. There are many more waiting in the wings for discussion and unveiling: both self portraits and paintings or sculpture by other artists that admired or learned from him. We look forward to the opportunity to share them all with you !

Self Portrait by Auseklis Ozols. Oil on Linen, Private Collection: California

If you describe a man as the father of something, you mean that he began it, or first made it important.” (Cambridge Dictionary)

Auseklis Ozols, Self Portrait 2003. Private Collection https://ozolscollection.org/artifact-analysis-self-portrait-by-auseklis-ozols-2003/ description and provenance

Auseklis Ozols, Self Portrait. Oil on Linen, Private Collection.

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  1. Elayne Kuehler

    Happy Father’s Day to you Auseklis! Your magnificent teachings and your works, your knowledge shared, are so greatly appreciated! Wishing you a blessed day!

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